Here is mini-video #6 in our ten mini-video series. We specifically designed this powerful series of video presentations to spotlight just one individual component in our E-Learning Marketing System so we could show you firsthand the world-class, revenue-generating content you will have unlimited access to when you become one of our valued members.

Although the E-Learning Marketing System has been called the single, most powerful client attraction program available today, we want you to see for yourself exactly how it will help you build a market-dominating business.

We created this mini-video series to prove to you that our E-Learning System will indeed make you money. We want you to make at least ten times more money during your free trial membership than we'll ask you to invest to join our program.

So let's get started with today's business-altering presentation. In our last mini-video, we showed you how to create your own competition-crushing marketing and advertising from scratch. We gave you all the tools, templates, resources and support you need to create the marketing and advertising that will position your business as the industry leader.

These resources included the Headline Bank and the Ad Template. These are paint-by-number templates that all but insure your marketing will blow away your competition and make you the obvious choice for prospects to buy from.

So now that your offline marketing and advertising collateral is in place, what about your website. Close to 80% of all shoppers begin their product or service searches online. Unfortunately, most small business owners use website designers to design and build their websites.

Although their sites look terrific, they fail miserably when it comes to generating leads and attracting new clients. This video will change that forever for you and your business.

Video #6 will uncover the hidden secrets you MUST know about revenue-generating websites. We'll reveal to you the "insider secrets" that the top-producing websites all have in common, and how you can tap into the closely guarded secrets to successful online marketing.

Just click on the link below and we'll help you create a website that will attract all the leads and clients your business can handle.

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P.S. Remember that building a powerful and compelling website is only the beginning. You have to drive leads to it to make it work. On your dashboard, be sure you click on Internet Marketing and then on the link labeled How To Market Your Business Online.

In this section you will find instructional videos on everything from 101 Ways To Make More Sales Online and Building A Revenue Generating Website… to Ways To Get Your Website Indexed Fast as well as using Social Networking to drive prospects to your site.

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